Download SHAREit for Windows 7 [LATEST VERSION]

Transferring files between desktop and smartphone often seems a hectic job. You have to plug your USB cable to your computer and then copy the files. Even there are times when the whole process fails and creates a complete mess.

But thankfully, there are applications like SHAREit which makes the file transfer job an easy one. So in case if you are wondering how to Download Shareit for Windows 7 or any other Windows version. Then this is the only article you’ll need.

In this article, I will share all the steps that you need to follow to download Shareit for Windows 7 Laptop and Desktop. But before that let me give you an overview of the application, so you can understand about it in a better way.

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SHAREit Introduction:

SHAREit is one of the popular file-sharing application that is available on the internet. The application is still very famous among the smartphone users because of its instant file sharing capabilities. And later it made its way to platforms like Windows and Apple.

Earlier the application was named Anyshare but later it was renamed to SHAREit. It has more than 500 million+ downloads across different platforms. SHAREit was first launched as a smartphone app available for Android and iOS users.

Download SHAREit For windows 7 Latest version

But later more and more people started to look for a way to transfer files between PC to PC and PC to Smartphone. And then the company launched the desktop versions of the app available for Windows and Mac.

Also, it is super easy to install the app on your Windows computer. Even it does not only supports the Windows 7 operating system. It also works on other Windows versions like Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Even it supports older Windows versions like Windows XP.

However, before we go ahead and talk about how to Download Shareit for Windows 7 PC and install it. Let’s just have a quick look at all the features that SHAREit is offering.

Top Features of SHAREit

High Transfer Rate

SHAREit comes with a high transfer rate. As a result, it can transfer large files without keeping you wait for a long time. The application can send 20MB of data per second.

Cross-Platform Support

The best part of SHAREit is that it offers cross-platform support and makes file transferring easy between multiple devices. For example, if you are using a Windows 7 laptop and want to connect with your Android device, you will be able to do so. This means you do not need any USB cable to make file transfer possible.

Multi Formats

SHAREit works with every type of files. No matter if you are sending an image file or video or trying to transfer a ZIP file. SHAREit will help you in every way with ease and makes the file transfer process really effective.

You Won’t Need Internet

SHAREit does not require an active internet connection to work. The app works without an internet connection and helps you to transfer files easily. However, you need to make sure that both of the devices are connected to the same internet connection. Else it will not work.

Supports Multiple Platforms

SHAREit is available on multiple platforms and not just for Windows. You can download the application for Windows phones, Windows PC, Mac, and smartphones.

So these are a couple of top features of the SHAREit. Apart from these features, there are also many features that you will encounter as you start using it. Anyway, now let’s talk about how to download Shareit for Windows 7 latest version.

How To Download Shareit for Windows 7 (Latest Version)

Step 1: First of all download the setup file of shareit.

Step 2: Once downloaded, double click on the file start installing it.

Step 3: After that accept the license agreement.

Step 4: Now follow all the screen instructions. Basically, you have to click on the Next button a couple of times.

Step 5: Once installed, launch Shareit and you are all good to go.

So these are all the steps that you have to follow to install SHAREit on your windows computer. Now the question is how to use SHAREit on Windows Pc? Well follow this tutorial to know about it:

How to use SHAREit on Windows PC

Step 1: First of all launch the SHAREit app on your Windows Pc.

Step 2: Now navigate to the option that says “Show QR code.”

Step 3: Over here you have to wait for the QR Code to appear.

Step 4: Now from your smartphone’s SHAREit app scan that QR code.

Step 5: This will connect both of the devices. Now you are set to transfer files.

Final Words:

So that was all for the How To Download Shareit for Windows 7 article. Now go ahead and try the steps out and see how it is working for you. Also for any questions, do comment below.

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